Demo 2011

by Exiles

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released September 20, 2011



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Exiles Ocean Shores, Australia

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Track Name: Oppression
The immense amount of decay builds around you; can you see what you’ve become?

Your fortune holds nothing but devastation and dismay, a disgrace to all man kind

Your hunger for oppression will stop here

Bleeding from the eyes, eradication of your kind, obliteration of this world

Reaching out with open arms, your god cannot save you now

Now be at the clemency of me, I will now rid the earth of your existence
Track Name: Impure
As the infection spreads through this world of disgust and disease,

Nothing will be left of this putrid place

This will be the epitome of our worlds creation, nothing but an abomination,

Buildings fall and crush what is left of us, limp bodies now litter the earth

A contaminated being stalks his prey feeding upon our population

This being is unrelenting and unremitting,

Do we want to live in a world of destruction and chaos?

For the last time we will be left at the hands our own formation

What have we become? Food and water become scarce

The remains of our nation feed upon what can be found,

They have become cannibals in hiding from deaths configuration

Now where is our god?
Track Name: A New State of Misery
Your life is decrepit and the oracle of your future is horrific

All I see is the desperation for immortality; I wouldn’t hold your breath

You drown in a sea of self pity; you will never see light again

To never be exalted is to be in a world of misery

Living in a world of sermon and proclamation, it’s like an inestimable death

There will never be a day of salvation for you

This burden will be lifted once you unfurl

You will never have global enslavement; his is the day of kismet

We have entered a new state of misery

Destruction is all that is left of the regions you have conquered

This contagion won’t end, no terror revoked

It won’t end until there is a sacrifice and their blood spilled

Their limbless body will be drained and burnt, only ashes will remain
Track Name: Remnants of a Plague
Spreading chaos upon the earth, a disease not of this kind, mutated beings now walk these lands

Once a peaceful place now chaotic, a plague to destroy us all

Remnants of a plague infecting all life forms, there will be no existence on this earth

On this bloodstained wasteland, all traces have been erased

Extermination of mankind, obliteration of humanity

I am the cure for this ailment, the antidote for mankind

We were predestined to suffer from this epidemic plight

Our insurrection has led to nothing but extermination

This is our demise, left now to bleed from the eyes
Track Name: Apocolyptic Decapitation
Countless days and nights spent left with only the thoughts of deformity.

It all becomes so much harder when your oxygen slips away.

He would not tolerate such a disgraceful race such as your own

My powers grow into what could not be human as possession takes over me

Satan’s spawn, set to exterminate

The doing of misanthrope will create the apocalypse

Your demise is my gain, to the depths you will fall

You will now cease to exist, and forever burn with me

My soul no longer existent, I can stop your breathing with no remorse

This darkness is so consuming, left only to dwell in complete mystery

No more propaganda, replaced with shear brutality and suffering

Left to live with this affliction, im left to feel the cold, to live in regret.